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10 Fun Facts for National Penguin Awareness Day

Penguin Awareness Day10/ Penguins are one of around 40 species of flightless birds.

9/ There are 17 species of penguins – 13 are endangered species, with several in danger of extinction.

8/ Male and female penguins look alike.

7/ Penguins do not have teeth. Instead they have spines on their beak and tongue to help them grip their prey.

6/ Penguin nesting areas are called “rookeries.”

5/ Penguins can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes before needing to surface for another breath.

4/ All penguins species are native to the Southern Hemisphere.

3/ Penguins pant like dogs to prevent overheating.

2/ Some Prehistoric penguins were as large as people!

1/ A king penguin who lives in the Edinburgh Zoo was knighted. His official name is “Brigadier Sir Nils Olav.”

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