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Clean your dog’s teeth!

How often do humans go to their dentist for teeth cleaning? On average, every 6-9 months seems to be the norm. Sadly, for dogs, that length of time between checkups is far longer.

And that’s why we at Arrow Animal Hospital Group have started a new website at with an accompanying awareness campaign to highlight the necessity of dog dental health as themselves. Without proper dental care, dogs have increased chances of mouth-borne illnesses.

An animal’s mouth is very similar to ours. Their teeth are subject to the same problems that we can have, such as abscesses, receding gum lines, bone loss, gingivitis, rotten teeth and periodontal disease. When dental health is not addressed, eventually an animal will need things like root canal surgery and extractions. In severe cases, the bacteria and infection in the mouth will spread to the bloodstream, causing problems in the rest of the body, like the liver, kidneys and heart. In the worst cases, these problems will lead to a shorter life span.

Dental disease is more than just stinky breath! When detected and diagnosed in the early stages, treatment is much more effective at preventing pain, decreases chance of tooth loss and cost is significantly decreased.

Start your dog’s dental care today with AZPetVet! Find the location nearest you at

2 thoughts on “Clean your dog’s teeth!

  1. Diane Schwartz

    I’m wondering if you could provide some information regarding the flexible payment plan option in refrence to getting my doggie’s teeth cleaned. I simply don’t have $900 lying around, but I really need to get her in there. She is a patient at Bell Ridge. Thanks, Diane

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