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An Important Update: 6/8/2020

To Our Wonderful AZPetVet Clients:

We want to thank you for being patient as we all navigate the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our practices have been following recommendations from the CDC and the local health department closely to reduce risks of exposure to our clients, our team, and our community. Like you, our goal is to get back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. While we are excited to start our slow return to normal, we are still taking precautions.

Below is an outline of some upcoming positive changes we will be implementing in the coming weeks. Ultimately, we want you to feel comfortable; if any accommodation is needed, please let us know and we will do our best.

Update to Curbside Process in the Coming Weeks:

  • We will adjust our curbside appointment in the coming weeks to meet clients in the lobby on a limited basis.
  • We will continue to ask that you call when you arrive for your appointment. When we are ready to start your pet’s exam, we will have you meet one of our team members, who will escort your fur-baby into our treatment area to perform the exam.
  • We will then continue the consultation over the phone or via telemedicine while you wait in your vehicle or at home.
  • If you arrive to pick up food or medication, please continue to call us when you get here. We will take payment over the phone and then invite you into the lobby where we will have everything you need ready to go.

If you would prefer to not go into the lobby or need further options from us due to COVID exposure, car A\C issues, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to let one of our team members know when scheduling your appointment. We will make sure we find a way to take care of your pet’s needs.

Continued Precautions

  • Our team members will be wearing masks when interacting with any clients or fellow team members. Our smiles are still underneath though! When coming in for your appointment, we encourage you to wear one as well for further protection.
  • We will continue to advise that if any of our team members has a fever or is experiencing any illness or symptoms, or if they or someone they know has recently tested positive for COVID, that they stay home. We ask that our clients continue to do this as well.

We hope that soon we will be able to return to our exam rooms for consultations as we have done in the past, but we know that we aren’t quite there yet. We will continue to send out updates accordingly. We sincerely appreciate how supportive you have been as we navigate through this pandemic together.


The AZPetVet Family of Animal Hospitals

An Important Update from AZPetVet – 3/20/2020

To our incredible family of AZPetVet clients:
The ongoing well-being of your family and pets is our highest priority. As the Coronavirus (COVID -19) continues to impact everyday life, we are dedicated to providing you with the same great service and care that you have come to expect from our hospitals, while also taking measures to keep our clients, patients and team members healthy and safe. We are doing everything that we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including:


  • ALL NON-CRITICAL APPOINTMENTS: In almost all situations we will be providing curbside appointments.  When you arrive for your appointment, please wait in your car and call our practice on your cell phone.  We will walk you through what that process will look like for both you and your pet. Please limit the number of people at your veterinary appointments to one person if possible.
  • FOOD OR MEDICATION PICKUP: Please contact us to request any needed refills on medications or food. If you are picking up food or medications, please call when you arrive, and we will deliver these items directly to your car. You may also request refills on medication or food through our online pharmacy; you can find a link on all of our hospital websites .


Limiting appointment availability for healthy pets to ensure availability for our sick or critical cases for the next 30 days.

  • If you have a previously scheduled appointment for a non-critical surgery, a team member may reach out to reschedule your appointment. Any Free Vaccines for Life patient coming due for exam during this time will be extended 90 days from their annual due date to remain enrolled.


  • Team members continue to follow highest standard of cleaning and disinfecting throughout the hospital. Employees are not reporting to work if they are experiencing any illness or respiratory symptoms and to follow their doctor’s recommendations for medical care and quarantine.

What can you do for your pets and family?

  • Make sure that you have enough food, supplies and medications available for your pets for the next month, but kindly refrain from stocking more.
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms or are quarantined and your pet needs veterinary care, we want to help.  Please call us to strategize the best course of action including the use of telemedicine.
  • With school, daycare and office closures we may run into scheduling challenges for both our clients and employees.  We ask for your patience should these situations cause any scheduling challenges.
  • Remember to follow CDC guidelines recommendation to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our hospitals with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to support the health and safety of your family and pets!


The AZPetVet Family of Animal Hospitals


Top 10 Responsibilities of a Pet Owner

The Top 10 Responsibilities of a Pet Owner
As February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, now is a great time to take stock of ourselves as pet parents or as prospective pet parents. If you are currently caring for a pet, it’s essential to look introspectively to determine whether you’re providing the best quality of care to your furry, scaley, or feathered friend.

Remember you have a responsibility to care for your pet, but it’s also a privilege and should be treated as such. Here are our thoughts on the top 10 responsibilities of a pet owner:

Give Them Regular Exercise
Some pets will need more exercise than others. Dogs often require plenty of time outdoors from going on walks to playing in the park to burn off excess energy. For cats, these furry friends prefer to get their daily exercise by chasing and swatting at cat toys.

Schedule Annual Check-Ups
Taking your beloved friend to the vet for an annual wellness visit is critical to keep them in good health. A yearly checkup also provides the opportunity to spot any medical issues before they become significant problems. A veterinary professional will thoroughly examine your pet to ensure that they are feeling their absolute best. Annual vet visits are also essential to get regular vaccines and various medications such as flea and heartworm preventatives.

Socialize Your Pet
Socialization is critical for a happy and healthy furry friend. Many animals are accustomed to living in packs. Meeting and getting to know others can boost your pet’s confidence and can help ease or even eliminate any nervous or anxious tendencies.

Feed Them Properly
A proper, healthy diet is vital to providing your pet with the best level of care. The type of animal you have, along with dozens of other factors, can drastically impact the type of food your pet should be consuming. These other factors include age, weight, allergies, and exercise levels. If you are unsure of what kind of food is best for your beloved friend, be sure to consult with your veterinarian.

Keep Them Safe
Being a responsible pet parent also means providing the best level of safety for your friend. This means taking extra precautions in your home, outside of your home, as well as implementing additional safeguards in case your pet runs away from home. Inside your house, it’s essential to pet-proof any room that they can roam around in. This can mean ensuring that any personal medications are put safely away out of reach, and harmful household products are tucked away. Pet tags and microchips are vital in case your pet ever escapes your home or yard and gets lost. With proper and current identification, your furry friend has an increased chance of reunification with their family!

Dental Health
Have your furry friend’s teeth professionally cleaned regularly to help maintain their good health. It Practicing good dental hygiene habits at home is also just as important! Cats and dogs need to have their teeth brushed regularly with animal-friendly toothpaste. It may not be a pleasant feat for either you or your pet, but it’s necessary to prevent dental disease. If you need more tips on maintaining your pet’s dental health, read our blog on proper dental care techniques for your pet.

Proper Training
Training builds trust and mutual respect and can be an enjoyable bonding experience for both you and your beloved friend. Dogs, especially puppies, thrive by being trained and learning new tricks.

Pick Up After Your Pet
Being a responsible pet owner means also being respectful to those around you. Whenever your animal goes outside and leaves little presents, whether on a walk or in the backyard, be sure to pick up their “gifts” in a timely matter. Not only are they unpleasant to see or worse, step on, they also carry germs that could harm other individuals and animals around you.

Spay or Neuter
Unfortunately, there are more animals in shelters than loving homes that are willing and able to take them in. Spaying or neutering your pet can help reduce the number of animals that end up in shelters or euthanized and has many health benefits that also can help pets live happy and healthy lives!

Give Them Plenty of Love
When you take a pet into your home, you’re gaining an extra member of the family. These animals have endless and steadfast love to give you while asking for little in return. It’s our responsibility to make sure we honor and match their love every day by caring for them, providing for them, and giving them plenty of TLC and snuggles!

While these are just 10 responsibilities of a pet owner, the list could go on forever. Being a pet parent is a big commitment, but it is always worth it. We know – we’ve made caring for pets our career!

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Not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. If you think your pet has a medical emergency, call or visit your veterinarian or your local veterinary emergency hospital immediately.


Holiday Drive Results – Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds

This holiday season one of the organizations we had the pleasure of working with again was Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds. Thanks to the love and support from team members, vendor partners, and of course, our wonderful clients, we were able to handoff so many donations of much needed items that will make a difference in our community.

The donations filled more than 21 boxes – topping 1400 items – with everything from toys and treats, to beds, strollers, towels and grooming supplies. We collected enough dog and cat food – both dry and canned – as well as pet clothing and blankets to help ensure that the volunteers with the non-profit would have supplies to help with the January and February colder temperatures here in the valley.

In addition to all the items collected during the drive, AZPetVet partners were able to provide a check for $2,100 to support Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds continue their great work within our community. We are thrilled that we had this opportunity again this year to partner with such a caring non-profit organization. Thank you again to all the hands and hearts that contributed this year; together, we have made a difference!

Holiday Drive Results – GrandPaws Pantry

During our holiday drive this year we were able to collect lots of pet food and items for two amazing local organizations, one of which is GrandPaws Pantry! This organization was founded by a young teen named Sonya, who has become an advocate for animals in need by providing supplies and resources to rescues within our community. Thanks to our team members, vendor partners, and amazing clients, we were able to handoff so many needed donations for Sonya to continue helping the local rescues.


The donations this year totaled nearly 1700 items – filling 22 boxes – and will arm the team at GrandPaws Pantry with collars and leashes, food and treats, and blankets and beds to distribute to those in need.

In addition to all the pet food and products donated, we were able to give GrandPaws Pantry a $2,150 check provided by the AZPetVet partners to support Sonya’s efforts to make an impact on our community. A big thanks to everyone who helped us make this happen! Together we can make a difference for the animals in our local community.