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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Pet Safe Holiday Tips

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, What a Temptation You Are to Me…

The safest place for your Christmas tree is in a room that’s off limits to your pet. If that’s not feasible, situate it in a corner that you can block off with a play fence or other obstruction.

Be sure to secure your Christmas tree to your ceiling or walls with fishing line or some sort of discrete string. This will help prevent Fido or Fluffy from tipping it over onto him/herself, or onto someone else.

Pine needles (real and artificial) can seriously injure your pet if they are ingested. Keep your pet away from the water for your live Christmas tree as they may be getting a dose of tree fertilizer or other harmful chemicals with their drink. 

Do not put aspirin, sugar or anything else in the water at the base of your tree if you have pets. Some of these additives can be extremely toxic for pets.

Secure any electrical cords for holiday lights so your pets can’t get to them. Some pets like to use them as chew toys, and that can lead to a shocking experience!

Christmas lights can get extremely hot, giving your dog or cat a bad little burn if they venture over to sniff or touch them.

Finally – remember that if any pet emergencies arise during this holiday season, AZPetVet is always ready and willing to help out. Happy Holidays to all!

Keep this number handy: Pet Poison Control Hotline: (888) 426-4435

Let’s Support Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds

This holiday season, members of the Arizona Pet Vet family are banding together to play not-so-secret Santa Paws for small community-based organizations that make a big difference for pets in need. Sometimes, these organizations make an even bigger difference for people. Like Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds.

It’s estimated that up to 25 percent of homeless people own a companion animal, and they will often do without food or medicine for themselves, simply so their beloved pets can eat. Regular veterinary visits, vaccinations, and other pet care services are simply out of reach. It’s heartbreaking. 

Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds helps by providing food, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, microchips, and county licensure to pets owned by homeless people. 100% of the proceeds and donations benefit homeless-owned pets.

What They’re Wishing For:

  • Bottled water
  • Blankets
  • Cat and dog food                                
  • Cat litter and scoopers
  • Cat treats (no catnip)
  • Clothes and booties
  • Collapsible bowls
  • Dog harnesses and leashes
  • Dog toys
  • Food bowls
  • Litter boxes
  • Nail trimmers
  • Natural jerky treats
  • Pet strollers
  • Pet wipes
  • Puppy pads
  • Transport kennels and soft sided pet carriers

We’re collecting donations for Helping Hands for Homeless Hounds at the following AZPetVet locations until December 31, 2017. Let’s unleash some love and help them kick off the new year right!

AZPetVet Donation Collection Locations
Animal Hospital at Anthem & Grooming
Arrow Animal Hospital
Beardsley Animal Hospital
Bell Ridge Animal Hospital, Boarding & Grooming
Dobson Ranch Animal Hospital & Grooming
Dove Valley Animal Hospital
Goodyear Animal Hospital & Grooming
Happy Valley Animal Hospital
Madison Animal Hospital & Grooming
Norterra Animal Hospital & Grooming
North Buckeye Animal Hospital & Grooming
Scottsdale Hills Animal Hospital
Signal Butte Animal Hospital & Grooming
White Tanks Animal Hospital & Grooming