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Monthly Archives: July 2015

DOGust First – Universal Birthdays for Shelter Dogs

With the hundreds of thousands of dogs that currently reside in shelters across the world, it is a celebration when each one gets adopted and finds their forever family.  However, these forever families often want to celebrate their new pup’s birthday, but it is unknown.  Typically, the adopting family will pick a random date to celebrate the pup’s special day, or maybe select one that has special meaning to the family.  However, in 2008, DOGust First (August 1st) was created to celebrate these pups birthdays; it is known as the universal birthday for shelter dogs.

AZPV - Dog Birthday

Some things you can do to make this a special day for your rescued pup is:

  • Make your dog a special treat…possibly a dog-friendly cupcake or popsicle.
  • Take them to the local dog park.
  • Buy them a new toy.
  • Give them extra snuggles.
  • Make them a special dog-friendly home-cooked dinner
  • Take them on an extra-long walk


So strap on your birthday hats, warm up your signing voices, and celebrate those sweet pups that are now part of your family.  Everyone deserves their day to be celebrated, so thank goodness for DOGust First!




Dogs by the Numbers

shutterstock_146612777Dog holidays, dog friendly events, featured dog breeds – we’ve covered it all!  But who doesn’t love some statistics from time to time?!  Let’s take a look at some of the interesting statistics about dog owners and their pups in the United States.


Did you know that…

  • A little more than 1 in 3 households own a dog or multiple dogs?
  • The most popular dog breeds are Labrador Retrievers at #1 followed by German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terriers, Boxers, Poodles, Rottweilers, and Dachshunds?
  • The top 5 girl dog names are: Bella, Daisy, Lucy, Molly, and Lola?
  • The top 5 boy dog names are: Max, Buddy, Charlie, Rocky, and Cooper?
  • Owned dogs are almost exactly half female and half male? (51.4% female, 48.6% male)

The love of canines in this country is not new.  In fact, it dates back to our first President, George Washington, and many other presidents.  Let’s take a look at some of those numbers…

Did you know that…

  • George Washington bred and maintained over 30 hounds (including one named Sweet Lips)?
  • “Theodore Roosevelt’s bull terrier, Pete, almost caused an international scandal when he ripped off the French Ambassador’s pants during a White House function?”
  • “Warren Harding’s dog, Laddie Boy, had his own chair to sit on at cabinet meetings?”
  • John F. Kennedy had 14 dogs, which is more than any other president?
  • Ronald Reagan was photographed being pulled across the lawn at the White House by his dog Lucky?
  • “32 of the 44 presidents had dogs as pets?”

A lot of things in our country may be different since George Washington was president, but it appears that one thing has remained the same – dogs really are a man’s best friend!


4th of July: Fireworks Safety for Pets

AZPV-4th of July

Independence. America. BBQs. Friends. Family. Fireworks. Flags. Sparklers. Yes, these are all words that might come to mind when talking about the 4th of July. It is a fun weekend and for many it means a lot of time spent outside. You pets probably love this – the outdoors and the people they love the most. However, there are some things that must be kept in mind to make sure our pets stay safe during this holiday weekend.

Keep your pet indoors at all times – This would be safest for your pet, but if your pet is like most…they are NOT going to stand for this! They want to be outside with you. Just remember, keep an extra eye on them. You will have things going on that is out of their normal everyday life.

Don’t put insect repellant on your pet that isn’t specifically for pet use – Mosquitos, especially, are out and about. If you decide to protect your pet, make sure you buy a specialty repellant.

Alcoholic drinks poison pets – While you are enjoying your specially created red, white, and blue cocktail remember the harm that it can cause your pets and choose not to share. If you have guests over, it probably wouldn’t hurt to remind them of this rule too!

Going to a fireworks display? Leave your pet at home – This is a tip to really take seriously. Not only will there be the main display, but your pet will also be experiencing a high volume of people typically in a small area, lots of small children, people who may not ask before touching them, loud music, and side/handheld fireworks. It really is not fair to bring them into this type of environment.

Have your pet properly identified – If you pet does get stressed out with everything going on, there is chance that they may try to escape their current environment. Make sure they are properly identified so you are able to find them if this becomes the case.

Keep your pet away from glow jewelry – Light-up jewelry is a very popular staple at 4th of July parties, especially among the children. Be sure to keep all parts of the bracelets, necklaces, headbands, etc away from your fur babies.

NEVER use fireworks around pets – Enough said!

Don’t give your pet “table food” – This is a tip that should be followed every day. If you want to treat your pet this holiday weekend, be sure to stock up on bones or specifically baked dogs treats, or maybe even a new toy.

Lighter fluid and matches are harmful to pets – Keep these items at a high level and out of sight.

Citronella insect control products harm pets, too – As mentioned above, keep these out of sight. Your pets may become curious.

And last, but not least…Happy 4th of July from your AZPV family! Be safe and have fun!