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Monthly Archives: April 2012

If it’s there pets can find a way into it.

Sometimes its easy to forget how much pets are like small children. They can find their way into the most amazing places and get themselves into trouble in the blink of an eye. Its always a good idea to take a simple look your house every once in a while to make sure there is nothing that they can get into that will hurt them.

a few common household things to look out for are.

1. Your Medications

Pets, especially dogs, love eating things off the floor. A simple dropped pill can be devastating to your pets system. Its not always the pills you expect even that can cause the most harm. Things as seemingly innocuous as a simple aspirin can lead to a trip to the emergency room for your beloved friend.

2. Bug Killer

We all Know how toxic bug spray can be to humans, its no different with pets. What sometimes gets overlooked though is where you use those chemicals, like your back yard. Make sure you read the labels carefully before you use any product that will come in contact with your pet.

3. Your Dinner

Pets LOVE eating people food, its tasty so why wouldn’t they. We all know how hard it is to not give in when they sit next to you and give you that look, but its not good for their bodies. Many common ingredients in people food can cause your pets to get very sick.

4. Everyday Household Products

Everything from simple fire logs to that bag of markers your kids left out and everything in between can be an unforeseen hazard. Many animals like to chew and they dont have any idea what they are chewing or whats might be inside whats being chewed. Keep an eye open for things lying around that can get teeth on them.

5. Plants

We love plants in our houses, it helps keep the air clean and also just looks nice. This is a concern for all pet owners, but mostly this effects cat owners. Some of the prettiest plants are not so pretty when they have been eaten by your beloved cat.

These 5 simple tips can help kepe your pet safe in and around your home and save you a trip to the emergancy room

It’s getting hotter outside.

Getting ready to enjoy the summer with your dog? Make sure you have taken care of things to ensure its a great summer for both of you with this “warm weather” pet checklist

Be current

In the winter most your worry about pests decreases but with spring and summer they will start being much more active. Make sure you avoid the temptation to put off those needed shots, your pets will need to be able to fight off those fleas, ticks, and heartworms. With all the new generic versions of pet vaccines becoming available it has become much cheaper to keep up on your preventatives.

Don’t get to hot

When your outdoors make sure you always have plenty of water available. For outside pets you can also do simple things like move their house into s shaded spot so it keeps the temperature down during the day. also make sure you put the water dish in a shaded spot, dogs don’t want to drink hot water any more then you do.

Hit the parks, but keep an eye open

Do parks are a great place to let your dog find social buddies to pal around with. There are some great resources online like to help you find a good park near you. before flying out the dor to go play though, make sure you read the rules for the park your heading to. one thing to keep in mind, especially in the summer months, is to bring along a bottle of water in case there isnt easy access to water at the park you visit.

If dog parks arent your thing, you might try setting a play date with people in your neghiborhood. it gives your pet the socializing time they need and avoids the potential crowds of a park. another option thats also becoming popular is the pet day care, they can be a great place for your pet to hang out when your away working all day.

Have a great summer

watching out for a few simple things during the hottest months of the year your pet can be happy all year around.

Earth day is this Sunday. Spend it being green with your pets.

Can you believe its almost earth day again? Have you made plans to do something on earth day this year? Why not bring your pet along?Include your pets in your earth day celebration

    Here are 5 simple things to do on earth day with your pet.

  1. Don’t Drive – Walk Your Dog (or ferret if he walks on a leash)
  2. Create a kitty bunkbed out of recycled (upcycled) cardboard box
  3. Attend a Pet Friendly Earth Day Event
  4. Organize a Neighborhood or Dog Park Clean Up
  5. Take a nature hike on a animal friendly trail
  6. (bonus idea) If you dont have a pet, or want to add a new member to your pet family, you can visit your local animal shelter and make a new friend

National Pet Identification Week.

Losing a pet is an awful thing to have happen to anyone. That’s why this week has been designated national pet identification week. This week is used to help increase awareness of the importance of proper pet identification. Statistical only 15% of lost dogs are reunited with their families and only a shocking 2% of cats get found. There are several different methods for pet identification that can be used to help ensure that if your pet is lost it can be found and returned.

National Pet Identification Week

The most common methods

  • Tags – This is the most common method for pet identification. if you have ever walked into a pets mart or even a walmart pet section you are sure to have seen the machines that can create a set of tags for you on the spot.
  • Microchips – This is a growing option as our pet cant slip out of it the same way they can a collar with a tag. A small microchip is placed under the skin so if your pet is found the chip can be scanned to find information on contacting you.
  • tattoos – This is not a “love mom” heart, this is a tattooed code that can be placed on your pet that lets them be identified quickly and easily if found.
  • DNA swab – Your vet can take a DNA sample and enter it into the national registry. if your pet is found out on the street a vet can then take another swab and match it to the one on file.
  • Nose Print – You are sure to have nose prints on virtually every piece of glass in your house that your pet can reach. These nose prints are much like your own fingerprints, only for your pet. Each cat or dog has a unigue nose print that can be entered into a database and then if you pet is found away from home it can be tracked back to you.

Having some form of identification on your pet is step one, step two is making sure that information is useful and current. Regardless of the identification method you choose if the information isn’t thorough enough or up to date it wont help bring them home.

things to include

  • Your pet’s name.
  • Your name
  • Your current address.
  • Both your home telephone number and your cell number.
  • you might even include your email address
  • Your veterinarian’s name and number
  • If your pet has any type of medical condition that requires medication.

These simple steps can help make sure your pet family stays together