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Tips To Get Your Dog More Active

How You Can Make Your Lazy Dog Active

It is a common misconception that all animals should be active and playful, and for some breeds, exercise comes more naturally to them than it does to others. Regardless of your dog’s breed, however, your animal should be exercising consistently and regularly. As pet owners, it’s a responsibility to find activities that are fun and comfortable for your four-legged friend.

Not only is exercise typically enjoyable for most dogs, but it also reduces the likelihood of obesity which can lead to further health complications. Along with other behavioral issues that can arise as a result of a lack of exercise, including excessive licking, anxiety, drooling, digging and chewing, there are many reasons why animals should stay active. In addition, there may be underlying reasons as to why your dog is so lazy.

Why Is My Dog So Lazy?

There are many reasons why a dog may be inactive or lazy. Here are a few reasons why your pet may be sluggish:

  • Breed: If your dog is typically lazy, it’s likely that this is a result of their breed. Specific types of dogs, like Bulldogs, Saint Bernards, and Basset Hounds, are particularly known for their lackadaisical demeanors. Despite certain breeds’ affinities for nap time, it is imperative that owners take initiative and walk these dogs at least once a day.
  • Age: Older dogs with joint and hip problems may also be reluctant to exercise because it can be painful.
  • Weight: For dogs with severe obesity, a sedentary lifestyle is common; however, pet owners can break this cycle and work with their dog – and veterinarian – to find alternative exercise routines that are manageable and gradual.
  • Underlying Health Condition: For dogs that are typically energetic, laziness can be an indication of a poor diet or a more pressing health concern. A common symptom expressed by sick dogs, lethargic behavior can suggest a medical health condition. If accompanied by other sickness-related symptoms like vomiting, loose stools, lack of appetite, minimal drinking, and persisting laziness, pet owners should contact a veterinary clinic immediately.

How Can I Get My Dog To Be More Active?

Different dogs enjoy different types of exercise, and there are plenty of enrichment activities for dogs to encourage their athleticism. For breeds that are more active and who need more exercise, long hikes outdoors are ideal. Finding an off-leash trail or dog park (weather permitting) where dogs can run free is sure to wear them out.

Older dogs who are experiencing pain are often limited in their movement. Introducing new chew toys to get them excited can be a great way to initiate playtime. New toys stimulate curiosity and can inspire interaction with other humans or animals in the house.

A few other fun activities for dogs include scheduling a playdate with another neighborhood dog or exploring a new dog park. For breeds that lack enthusiasm about exercising, try some different motivating tactics to get them moving. A play pal or a new environment with new smells are both alternatives to traditional walks around the block that may incentivize your pet and pique their curiosity.

Encouraging activity or making a lazy dog playful isn’t as difficult as you think, but pinpointing the cause of their laziness can be challenging. If you’re curious to learn more about why your dog may be acting lethargic and sluggish, or if you suspect your pet may have an underlying medical condition that is affecting their activity, a veterinarian can provide insight into potential causes. The team at AZPetVet is available 7 days a week to help you ensure your pet is active and healthy.

[Disclaimer] Not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. If you think your pet has a medical emergency, call or visit your veterinarian or your local veterinary emergency hospital immediately.

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