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Thinking about your first exotic pet?

Thinking about buying or adopting your first exotic pet? There are many types of exotic pets, each kind having their individual needs; so it’s important to do your homework before you take on the commitment.

Where to start

First and foremost, check your state laws pertaining to buying or keeping the exotic animals. Once you know which exotic animals are allowed to be pets, it’s time to start looking for your new friend. Check with your local animal shelter and humane society to see what pets need a new home. You can also check with pet stores and breeders.

Is this the right pet for you?

Don’t get an animal on an impulse. Be sure to research which pet fits your current, and long-term, living situation. Bearded dragons, guinea pigs, leopard geckos, rabbits, rats are exotic pets that may be appropriate for homes with children. Whatever pet you choose, you need to make sure you are prepared to provide appropriate environmental conditions, housing and diet for an exotic animal.

Caring for your pet

Be sure there is a veterinary facility in your area that specializes in treating your new pet. Also, remember that medical treatment for an exotic animal may be significantly higher than for a more conventional pet. To make sure the pet’s transition into your home is as smooth as possible, have all housing and feeding supplies ready before you bring the pet home.

Being well informed will help you to choose the right pet for you and being well prepared will help your new pet enjoy its new home.

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